Best FREE (or almost free) iPad apps for “Adapted Literacy” and The Basics: ABCs, 123s, Colors

I want to share some of my favorite FREE (or almost free) early literacy iPad apps that are “kid approved”by my students.


Learning the basics: ABCs, 123s, Colors…:

Starfall  (totally Kid approved!)

Endless ABCs  (great fun learning!)

Bitsboard ABC

Color Slapps (has phone keypad to practice their phone numbers and lunch codes)

Numbers (iTouchiLearn)

Letter School Lite

Spell Write Read

Magnetic ABC Lite


Adapted Writing:

Collins Big Cat apps (stories to read then write your own version!  there are several FREE on their website – scroll down then click on free downloads)

Toontastic (create cartoons):

Inkflo (pre-writing & note taking)!/id519524685?mt=8Dragon Dictation (dictate written work then can edit)- (already on iPad)

Story Creator

Little Story Maker

Cosmic StoryMaker Lite

Book Creator Free


Adapted Reading:


BB Magic Lite (Bob Book)

ABC Reading Magic

Please let me know which apps are “kid approved” at your house or classroom.


xoxo Michelle


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