Center Stage: Family Nature & Craft cabinet

LOOK!!!!   This is like an “I SPY” challenge…..

Can you find:

5 Cub Scout Pine Wood derby cars, 3 large starfish, 1 handmade airplane , small box car made of paper & LifeSaver candy wheels, real snakeskin,  1 Indian arrow with feathers, pretty granite rocks, 3 handmade highly UNIQUE glazed pieces (bowl, chair, Jack-O-Lantern), handfulls & handfulls of pretty shells & sparkly ROCKS, ice-cream soda, hand-painted & crafted African mask, beads rolled by hand,  real birds nest, 1 GIANT crab shell, and 1 handpainted piggybank (piggies are very special in our house!).

What do all these things have in common?  and WHY are they THE feature display in our family room?

This is where our family puts EVERYTHING of real value.  We started out with Nature items, especially the ones that “stink” a little over time like the birds nest, Robin’s egg fragments, snake skin (thus the closed glass door on the cabinet). Then we added our favorite homemade crafts and school ART projects.  Pretty soon the most important souvenirs from family beach trips (handfulls of the BEST shells) and the best SPARKLY rocks from our favorite hiking creek (dubbed “Gem Island” by my kids when they were little) made their way into the cabinet.  There are parts & pieces of meaningful events too.  If you look really close you will see reminders of a Junior Girl Scout Bronze Award service project to teach younger girls about physics, loose teeth that my children wrangled from the Tooth Fairy with sweet letters explaining the importance of keeping their old teeth themselves, and even gifts made for us (their parents) that went straight from unwrapping into the cabinet.

This cabinet is a multi-sensory record of our family PLAYING & LIVING LIFE together.   Bringing back SWEET memories of hiking, laughing, creating, painting, singing together, searching for treasures, playing, and discovery.

I wish all of you and your families the same!

xoxo Michelle


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