Valentine’s Day calming, deep-pressure SENSORY socks… to hold, wrap or squeeze (aaah…)

These socks are the BEST invention E-V-E-R!!!  “Cozy Socks”

Thanks to my daughter, Danielle, who took my rice-filled sock idea and made it pretty & crafty & personal & warm!  This year for Christmas she made one custom-crafted “Cozy Sock” for each of her friends.  And yes, she has a LOT of friends.

I’m going to make some pretty ones with red & pink ribbons for Valentine’s Day!  Scented with fresh lavender, cinnamon, or coffee- mmmmm!

Here’s WHY this is such a good invention… and a perfect gift!    They are super easy to make, really inexpensive, serve multiple purposes, smell good, will be used all the time, and your friends will THANK you!

I use rice-filled socks all the time at work to help my students self-regulate, CALM and focus better in class.  The 2-3 lbs of rice that fills each knee sock feels so good and provides just the right amount of weight and deep pressure (proprioception). Proprioception is input from receptors in our joints that tell us where our bodies are in space.  Many kids who are “always in motion” crave deep pressure input (proprioception) and find ways to naturally meet that need (running, jumping, climbing, squeezing/fidgeting).  But what do they do when they are expected to sit quietly, listen and produce classwork?  Other kids who run a little on the high anxiety side of life also find that this same deep pressure calms them by “grounding” them.  The deep pressure of the rice sock (or any weighted item like a weighted lap pad, weighted vest…) gives input to their joint receptors and reinforces their understanding of where their body is in space- in other words helps them calm and focus rather than stay on “high alert”.

At school I let the kids fill their own sock with rice so they can have the sensory (tactile) experience of touching the rice — they LOVE this.  It takes 2 people though, one to scoop the rice and put it into the sock (using either bare hands or a plastic cup) and the other to hold the sock open wide.  Then I simply tie a knot in the end of the sock (I buy mens long tube socks so there is plenty of room).  Don’t worry if it’s not quiet long enough at first, they stretch out quickly.  The rice socks are then ready for kids to drape over their shoulder, hold on their lap, and/or simply squeeze for deep pressure to the hands.   Some of my students become so attached to their Cozy Sock they give it a pet name!

My daughter’s FANCY upgraded version:

  •      purchase colorful, soft girls long knee socks
  •      add fresh lavender (picked from our garden -strip the leaves off the stems so the    stems won’t poke through the sock)
  •      OR add cinnamon/ginger/allspice
  •      OR add mix in some whole coffee beans with your rice
  •      OR use Jasmine rice (smells like yummy Jasmine rice when heated)
  •      stitch the opening closed using a big needle & yarn (blanket stitch looks nice)

At home we heat our Cozy Sock in the microwave for 2 minutes.  This brings the scent out so it smelly really yummy and it works like a HEATING PAD for sore muscles – feels even better since it’s warm AND heavy (deep pressure).  You can even curl up with your Cozy Sock on a cold day with a good book.

Enjoy!  And let me know how it works for you…

xoxo Michelle


2 comments on “Valentine’s Day calming, deep-pressure SENSORY socks… to hold, wrap or squeeze (aaah…)

  1. This sounds like a great idea, but you need to make sure the socks are cotton, right? I think polyester melts in the microwave or might start a fire or something. I’m not sure about other materials, like wool.

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