Mazes: art? math? or a calming centering MANDALA

My son likes to draw mazes… lots of tiny little lines that add up to very detailed mazes.

I watch his hand move as he draws, turns the paper, draws again: LINE ___ (turn) LINE ___ LINE ___ LINE ___ (turn).
At a glance he looks like an artist sketching a landscape, or an architect sketching his design.

But when I watch him and actually SEE him drawing, I see that this process of drawing mazes is much bigger than the end product, bigger than putting pen to paper…..
it is calming,
Like meditation…
or prayer.
It is a sacred space

His mazes (ART) remind me of the peace one finds when creating (or even looking at) a MANDALA.

Mandalas are designs (usually circular with a clear center, but sometimes square or geometric) that represent wholeness. It is a design that serves to remind us of our interconnectedness with the world: to ourselves, with other people, and to the Infinite (God). Creating a mandala provides healing, wholeness, a sacred experience.

Please enjoy creating mandalas yourself, and with your children and families!

xoxo Michelle

Here are links to some beautiful mandalas!

Native American mandalas:

Sacred GeometryIndian mandalas:

Tibetian sand painting mandala:

Celtic Crosses (mandalas):


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