Take time to pause and enjoy nature! Robin eggs and hatching chicks.

4 robin eggs


This was what I saw last week in the bushes in front of our house.

This find was especially SWEET since I was able to share the find with a friend, her little boy, and my own teens.

Today I saw my cat, Tarzan,  sitting outside….  close to our front bushes.

Very CLOSE to the Robin’s nest… watching… waiting…

When I peeked inside…. This is what I saw!

baby birds

4 newly hatched baby birds.

They are so amazingly beautiful… and so fragile.

So new that their eyes are closed and their skin translucent.

Their mother was busy flying back and forth cleaning out the nest and bringing new food to the hungry chicks.

Take time to ENJOY nature my friends!

Look – Pause – Listen – Marvel – Connect – Pray

hungry birds

Love & Peace,

p.s.  Don’t worry!
The cat is now in the house in a “kitty time-out” to help protect the babies.

Learn more about the North American Robin:


SEE a robin chick hatch and it’s mother bird nurturing and feeding him!
Click on the “Baby Robin Hatching” video link.


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