Just days from pretty blue eggs to a family of flying birds!

I never would have believed how FAST nature works if I hadn’t been watching!

We found this nest with 4 Robin eggs on April 13th and watched the mother robin come and go…

All eggs were hatched by April 20th… we found them on the 21st after the mama Robin had removed all of the beautiful blue eggs shell pieces from the nest.

Double-click on each photo to enlarge and see close-ups… beautiful babies!

Click here to see more close-up photos and in-depth timeline:

Thanks to my cat Tarzan, who may have scared them out of the nest a few days early they flew the nest on May 1st…

Robin nestlings typically fly the nest when they are about 14 days old.

I have read that if they leave the nest a little early that the mama Robin will continue to feed them on the ground or until they can fly back into the nest.

When nestling birds fly out of their nest they become fledglings, and the daddy Robin takes over!

He takes spends about 2 weeks teaching his young birds how to find food and survive.

What a GREAT little family!

Enjoy your family and appreciate how much your parents have done for you.

I know I do!

Love & Peace,
xoxo Michelle


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