Behind the scenes of Play*Dream*FUN!


Play*Dream*FUN! brings together my favorite passions….

……  a magical childhood,  PLAY, mothering, science & exploration, LOVE of learning, imagination, Creativity, PRAYER, artistic expression (visual/ literary….), love of FAMILY & Friends….  and otherwise loving and enjoying life while making the world a little bit softer, loving and welcoming, especially for our children.

I LOVE what I do!  I’m mom to 3 wonderfully creative, deeply thoughtful and amazing teens!  My kids teach me about life, love and living true to themselves every day.   I also enjoy my work as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist (23+ years) with infants & families as well as school-age kids, their parents & teachers.  At home & at work I hope to bring these passions with me to teach the Art of Living and Loving LIFE!

Please explore and enjoy!

Love & Peace,

xoxo Michelle


One comment on “Behind the scenes of Play*Dream*FUN!

  1. Thanks for the like at my mandala site Michelle. From reading your profile, I think we have some fundamental common interests. I’m working on a new early creativity project which will launch later this year – you might like it, so I’ll drop you a line when we’re launching! Take care! Deirdre

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